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Andrew HealeyI served in the British Navy for twelve years, first as a navigating officer and later as a helicopter pilot. I left with an airline transport pilot’s licence, a Queen’s Commendation for flying skills and a growing interest in creative writing, to join an air taxi company based near London. I was beginning to question whether a career as a commercial pilot was the road I wanted to take when I ran out of sky one day and, as an instant paraplegic, had the decision made for me.

While recuperating, I set up my first business as a public relations consultant. I learnt to walk again and recovered a flying licence but, still not quite able-bodied, decided to concentrate on a new career based on journalism and creative writing for companies within the aerospace industry. I work from an executive shed in the Hampshire countryside, close to my family, and travel extensively in support of my work.

I serve on the Parliamentary Affairs Commitee of the Spinal Injuries Association and was a Games Maker during London 2012. I scuba dive, hand-cycle and am still trying to play guitar - like this.